A fine finish

4 Grafton Street Marquetry shot

This ornate marquetry was developed by Kaizen for use in the master dressing room of a Mayfair project. The design was uniquely inspired by the pattern on a piece of embossed leather, provided by the interior designer PYR, and the contours of a tap handle designed by Monsieur Rochon.

We selected a darker Macassar Ebony and a lighter Masseur Birch for the two-toned veneer, finely delineated by a black Bolivar, so that the overall tone complemented the warm gloss Mahogany finish we had already developed for the project’s other elements. The veneers were hand-picked so that we could check that the colour tone, grain and scale in each sheet would blend well together and work with the marquetry design.

Fabricating a piece of marquetry is essentially creating a work of art. With such a fine and detailed finish, this piece took nearly 1,000 hours to complete. A gloss polyester lacquer was applied by our polishers in our finishing shop and then cut back with 3000 grit abrasive pads, before hand-buffing with a fine polishing compound to achieve a full mirror gloss finish.

The marquetry was applied to an entire wall with a jib door and 20 columns to spectacular effect. The biggest challenge was ensuring that the pattern flowed seamlessly across the whole section, which we overcame by hand-cutting the jib door from the wall panel after pressing it face down in our bespoke water heated press. This guaranteed that the pattern on the door would perfectly match the wall opening it was set into.

The result was something that we’re really proud of – it’s the opportunities to create such beautiful one off’s like this that make our jobs so worthwhile.