Kaizen Furniture


Brand Vs Quality

A brand is a name and logo design that distinguishes one seller’s products from those of others. Given this, the perceptions associated with a brand, such as quality, craftsmanship and ‘second to none’ design, are of the utmost importance; particularly at the high end of the bespoke furniture design and manufacturing... Read more »

Team Kaizen

Last Sunday a group of Kaizen staff took part in Nuclear Rush, which is a tough muddy obstacle course in Essex, near to our Workshop. Team Kaizen have made sacrifices over the last couple of months, whether it be getting a personal trainer, practising on the monkey bars, extra... Read more »

Our friends at Rolls Royce

Four staff from Kaizen Furniture Makers recently visited Roll’s Royce’s Motor Factory. They were shown around the factory by Lars Klawitter, Rolls Royce’s Head of Bespoke Design and were introduced to key members of staff there. Soon after, Lars and two of his senior colleagues from Rolls Royce around... Read more »

The moustache maketh the man.

It’s Movember time, and in the workshop Ray, Robert, Will and Robin have been graciously growing their facial hair to raise money for The Men’s Health Charity. We though you’d like to see their efforts, complete with outfits – just don’t mention the Village People! Read more »

Langzauner Veneer Press

The Kaizen workshop is filled with excitement today at the arrival of the newest addition to our team: A brand new veneer press from Langzauner. The new veneer press is a top of the range, water heated press that ensures extremely even heat across the whole length and width... Read more »

A day in the life, at Kaizen

Many of our clients are keen to visit our workshop, and we are always happy to arrange this. Be it to see whatever we are producing at the time, or to see how the work we are making for you is coming along. For those who haven’t made the... Read more »

Out and about – Business Leadership Course

Staying true to their philosophy of endless improvement, Antonius and Bill made their way down to Portsmouth to take part in an inspiring course, hosted by the Business Leadership Academy. Under the direction of entrepreneur / adventurer Neil Laughton and international business consultant Mark Grant, participants practiced and honed... Read more »