Langzauner Veneer Press

The Kaizen workshop is filled with excitement today at the arrival of the newest addition to our team: A brand new veneer press from Langzauner.

Our new veneer being installed today

The new veneer press is a top of the range, water heated press that ensures extremely even heat across the whole length and width of the plates. This enables each board to remain absolutely stable while being pressed, prevents blistering and will ensure the quality of our veneering is the best it can possibly be. It is also one size bigger than our existing press and at 3000mm x 1550mm means we can accommodate larger panels.

Because we do our veneering in house we are able to retain control over the process. Ensuring it is always to our high standards of quality and to make sure it is laid up correctly and looks exactly the way we want it to. The new Langzauner veneer press will enable our workshop team to achieve the best possible veneering results, every time.