Our friends at Rolls Royce

Four staff from Kaizen Furniture Makers recently visited Roll’s Royce’s Motor Factory. They were shown around the factory by Lars Klawitter, Rolls Royce’s Head of Bespoke Design and were introduced to key members of staff there.

Soon after, Lars and two of his senior colleagues from Rolls Royce around our Workshop.

It was clear from the beginning that there are many similarities between Rolls Royce and Kaizen Furniture Makers. We are both companies that are continually researching new methods and materials to ensure the finished products are even more luxurious.

Our clients choose us because they know that they will get the very best quality. We are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that the design and finish match their desires up to the very last detail, and we enjoy the challenges that come alongside ambitious and unique requests.

Rolls Royce is the definition of luxury and quality; Kaizen is the Rolls Royce of Furniture. We both pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing the antiques of the future.

The differences between our companies are also clear. We are much smaller than Rolls Royce. We are about to celebrate our 20th year, and Rolls Royce have celebrated their century of existence. Our name is less well known. Not that we mind; Rolls Royce is arguably the most well-known and well respected British brand. It highlights where we aspire to be in years to come!

Gavin, Stephanie, Robert, John, Nicola, Antonius, Daryl, Lars, William

Gavin, Stephanie, Robert, John, Nicola, Antonius, Daryl, Lars, William

During our visit to their factory we were excited to see that they use similar methods of production to the ones that we have developed through experience. The knowledge that many of our production practices are ‘up there with the best’ is most gratifying and gives us a tremendous sense of pride in our team and its abilities. However, we are keen to learn more from the many years of experience Rolls Royce has. We have since looked at ways we can mirror some of their manufacturing processes, to be even more organised, efficient and cost effective.

When we showed Lars and his colleagues around our workshop, it became clear that we are able to work with a wider range of materials and create more finishes. Typically they were interested in some of our more unique finishes, such as our Mother of Pearl Lacquered and polished sample.

I would like to thank Lars, John and Gavin for welcoming Kaizen Furniture Makers to the Rolls Royce factory and for their visit to our Workshop. These visits gave us chance to confer with experts. It was truly inspirational. The time they have given us has been much appreciated and we intend to use what we have learnt in our manufacturing processes.

Left to right: Robert, Sigitas, William, Lars, Antonius.

Left to right: Robert, Sigitas, William, Lars, Antonius.