Kaizen are sensational from start to finish. The visual impact and the quality of the end product is second-to-none, whether it’s bookshelves, cabinets, desks, tables or sofas. The design is always superb so the product looks beautiful: Kaizen always focus on the beauty of the design while being sensitive to the needs of the client and the functionality of the product.

Equally important to Kaizen is the quality of the product, and paying attention to the smallest of details. The materials used are always of the highest calibre so that the feel and quality of the product is as impressive as the visual effect and impact. And the care and precision of the designs (with numerous detailed drawings) is quite outstanding.

Nothing is too much trouble, and attention is always paid to the client’s concerns and sometimes silly foibles with the utmost sensitivity and courtesy. Speaking as a client, they are a joy to work with. Kaizen are not cheap but, given the quality and attention to detail, they are terrific value.

Andrew Green QC, End User

New build, no architects, the potential for a mega disaster was very real and as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity in the middle of Chelsea, everything had to be truly perfect.

The incredibly thorough way in which you approached the detailed design, the painstaking attention you gave to unforeseen issues, the mind-numbing detail and changes as the scheme progressed, all to achieve the very best result with no compromise. Without your seemingly endless attention to every facet, seen and unseen, our home would never have turned out as it has and it remains a testament to your work, let alone a company with whom it has been a joy to work.

End User, Kensington Residence

To all at Kaizen: At some earlier stage in its life, our new home in Royal Tunbridge Wells must have been a beautiful and substantial house, but in September 2009, when we first viewed it, it was a sad, crumbling, and rather dismal place. Just a few of its special features included under-powered heating, under-wired electrics, unreliable roof, subsiding veranda, horrid porch, badly patched stonework, ill-fitting and drafty windows, bad taste 1980s wall paint, dark and unkempt garden and Japanese Knotweed.

Perhaps at that stage any normal, sane couple would have walked away – but we fell in love immediately –  not for what it was, but for what we dreamt it could become. And now, two and a quarter years on, it has finally become the beautiful, light, vibrant, cared for house that we imagined it could be – in fact better than we ever dreamt. And that astounding transformation has only been possible because of the brilliant, skilled, diligent and caring team of people who have worked on it.

Everyone working on the project has been a vital part of realising that dream. But the work that you at Kaizen have done has especially contributed to making it a beautiful, elegant, sensual and yet practical home.

Not only is your work gorgeous, but everything has been done to such a high standard. We’ve particularly noticed and appreciated how much you’ve cared about the quality and finish, we also know how much you’ve gone out of your way to achieve what we wanted and to see us pleased with the result. We are truly thrilled with all that you have done.

From us both, very genuinely, thank you all. It will be a fabulous home. With kindest regards and much appreciation.

Lynne & Peter Smitham, End Users

We have worked with you for more than ten years…we love working with you! You have an incredible team. We dream up seemingly impossible ideas and somehow you make them happen. You are the most organised and professional company that we have ever worked with. Your attention to detail is exceptional. You realise our ideas and the process is fun…all of our clients have been 100% happy with the rooms you have made for us.

Emily Todhunter, Todhunter Earle Interiors

Kaizen Furniture are always a joy to work with. The attention to detail is second to none and the quality of their workmanship is unrivalled.

Kate Earle, Todhunter Earle Interiors

I can not say enough AMAZING things about Kaizen Furniture, Bill Schilling and his team. Having used many contractors, builders, etc in London, I can honestly say Kaizen is probably the only one that delivered sheer perfection.

Complete professionalism, attention to detail, innovative design and top of the line quality, every aspect of my project came out perfect. Very rare to find and I’m also very hard to please! I had a unique situation and Kaizen came in and worked with me to achieve precisely what I envisioned. I could not be happier and would highly recommend to anyone!

Gina Moussalem, End User

Kaizen’s approach to design development is exactly what we look for when it comes to crafting bespoke joinery. Their process is inclusive and the quality of their product excellent.

Simon Tomlinson, Andrew Winch Designs

When it comes to bespoke furniture, my clients expect nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship, they see these unique pieces as the antiques of the future, making the pressures on delivery extremely high.

Kaizen consistently continue to deliver each item to the highest standards, and for this reason, they remain my number one choice of furniture maker – somehow, they even manage to make the process enjoyable!

Mark Eccles, Grafton Bespoke