How We Work

Kaizen stands for ‘unending improvement, attention to detail, setting and achieving ever higher standards’. Passion, dedication and an emphasis on quality is our approach to creating the very best bespoke furniture.

This is demonstrated at every stage, from choosing the best available materials to using the most advanced design technologies, as well as leading manufacturing techniques and methods of installation.

We are also concerned about the depletion of natural resources and take the greatest care to ensure that we use sustainable materials. You can read our environmental policy below to find out more.

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Environmental Policy

Bespoke Furniture Made in the UKTimber is an inherently ‘green’ material – it is naturally sustainable, recyclable and bio-degradable. But it is still a precious material, and the utmost care must be taken to preserve and protect the forests of the world.

At Kaizen Furniture, we are committed to achieving environmental best practice in every area of our business. From big decisions to the smallest everyday tasks, we strive to act positively and responsibly to minimize our ecological impact, without compromising our high standards.

A key part of our environmental policy is to support the use of timber which has been independently certified as coming from responsibly managed forests. We also aim to reduce the consumption of packaging and other materials by sensible recycling and monitoring.