What is a Design Flow?

To create a ‘design flow’ is to create a visual link between the interior spaces within a home. This can be achieved through commonality of colour pallet, architectural details and of course furniture.

Furniture styles, perhaps with a common natural timber or colour finish, handle and feet design can be used to link interior spaces. By working in this way, you are giving due consideration to the homes whole interior space and how each area or zone relates to each other as opposed to considering each individual space in isolation. To getr more ideas to design your home with modern furniture we recommend to take a look at tvbedstore.co.uk

The benefits of a design flow

Why should the design of your new kitchen furniture, that you like so much, come to an abrupt end once one moves from the kitchen space into a family living space, dining area or even a hallway?

By considering the furniture design of a home’s interior space as a whole, a much more ‘cohesive’ approach to the overall design can be achieved. This makes for a visually appealing furniture design flow that blends comfort and functionality with beautiful looks; we believe this to be fundamental in helping with the home owners emotional well being and happiness.

Design flow

Above: Note how the living space and kitchen area share a common design style where the space has been considered as a whole rather than each zone in isolation. This makes for a much more cohesive and successful interior design.

Can any furniture manufacturer create a design flow?

In short; no!

Most high end furniture brands have their own disciplines, in terms of rooms in which they specialise and design styles. For example; many of the high end Italian and German kitchen furniture brands only produce kitchen furniture and this combined with a rigid range of cabinet sizes and finishes makes it very difficult for an interior designer to translate a particular look through to the family living area.

As you can imagine, this inflexibility is extremely difficult for an interior designer to work with particularly in making today’s open plan, family living spaces a visual success.

Quite often, a fortune can be spent on furniture for individual rooms and zones within a home, with all the best efforts of a highly experienced interior designer, but with limited results in terms of aesthetics.

However, for a rare breed of ‘true bespoke,’ furniture designers and manufacturers a successful design flow presents no problem. Furthermore, any period, furniture style, materials and finishes are possible

True bespoke furniture design and manufacture service

‘Kaizen Furniture’ is one of the rare breed; a discerning home owner’s and interior designers dream!

Kaizen Furniture are not restricted by rooms, cabinet sizes, styles or finishes. They can work with their customers to produce truly unique furniture styles to create a co-ordinated style and approach to the whole home.

It might be that the furniture echoes an external architectural feature or a family motif? Perhaps the furniture blends traditional and contemporary design to create a fusion style? Maybe a common door, handle and foot design is employed with interior zones differentiated through the use of different finishes?

With a service such as this, anything is possible; the only limit is your imagination.