The ‘Traditional Kitchen’ How Can You Achieve the Look?

The term ‘traditional kitchen’ most likely evokes different images for different people, according to what type of kitchen they are used to living with.

To me, a traditional kitchen, is an in-frame kitchen, with either a Shaker or raised and fielded door design; a butlers / Belfast style sink accompanied by thick, traditional granite work-tops and possibly a free standing, cast iron range cooker such as an ‘Aga’ or an ‘Esse.’

The traditional kitchen

Contemporary worktops, handles and accessories conspire to create a successful fusion of traditional and modern styling for this solid timber, painted kitchen commission.

On the other hand, those used to ultra modern, high gloss, streamlined kitchen designs with ‘wafer thin’ work-tops and the very latest, hi-tec, integrated appliances might consider anything less ‘cutting edge’ to be a traditional kitchen design; it simply depends on ones perspective.

The ‘In-Frame’ Traditional Kitchen

Within the luxury, bespoke design and manufactured, kitchen furniture market, the flexibility of a custom made service allows you to have a design that’s as traditional as you like.

Time honoured traditional cabinet making techniques, beautiful solid timbers and luxurious veneers and paint finishes are used within the furniture’s construction.

A very traditional look; perfect for the period residence can be achieved. Alternatively, a look that carefully fuses traditional and contemporary styling yet still manages to maintain that slightly traditional feel is also possible. This style of traditional kitchen represents a design balance that’s presently very much in vogue.

 The Flexibility of a Bespoke Design and Manufacturing Service

In times where every kitchen company seems to use the word ‘bespoke’ within their marketing, it’s important for you to clarify the extent of the ‘bespoke’ service that’s on offer.

The Traditional Kitchen

This traditional kitchen not only embraces an eclectic mix of furniture styles and finishes, but also, a combination of fitted and free standing furniture pieces

If it’s simply bespoke tailoring of pre-set, ‘off the shelf’ furniture ranges you might well struggle to achieve the traditional kitchen look that you’re after, regardless of brand kudos or price tag, since cabinet size, door style, finish and accessory choice will be very limited.

However, if they offer a true ‘bespoke’ design and manufacturing service similar to that offered by ‘Kaizen Furniture’ then that’s an entirely different proposition.

This style of service will allow you to go very traditional with a true period style to suit your tastes as well as the architectural period and style of your home. Or you could stylise your traditional luxury kitchen design with up to the minute, exciting accessories to include handles, worktops, appliances and colour finishes / timber finish combinations.

At ‘Kaizen Furniture,’ a ‘traditional kitchen’ is whatever you want it to be; the only limit is your imagination.